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Good neighbor is good harbor

We, Ethiopians, have an age-old culture of respecting our neighbors. It is our neighbors than distance families whom we count on in times of emergency.

This culture is still strong and intact. Cultivating strong relations with neighbors truly guarantees mutual interdependence. A bad company poisons good relationship. In the meantime, good neighbors add value to friendship. This is not only true at an individual level. The values we long embraced in our relations are also reflected in our affinities with neighboring countries.

Having a good neighbor creates stability, peace and trust among nations. Ethiopia is a country surrounded by several sovereign Horn countries. Despite the fact that the expression ‘violent region’ is taken as a moniker to the Horn, Ethiopia has kept its strong diplomatic ties with its neighbors and has managed to promote peace.

Acquainted with the art of tolerance and diplomacy, Ethiopia is always pursuing a policy of peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. That is why it is always ready and willing to scarify its needs for the sake of neighboring countries by sending peacekeeping forces and other aids.

Public diplomacy is one of the pillars of the Federal Government of Ethiopia towards cementing its tie with other Nations. Using its age-old culture of diplomacy, Ethiopia is using all available means to further strengthen its bond with neighbors and other countries in the world.

As part of this effort, lately, Foreign Minister, Gedu Andargachew, and other delegations have paid a visit to Khartoum. During their visit, the delegates have shown their sympathy by donating medical and food supplies to victims of the recent devastating floods in Sudan.

Cultural diplomacy is part of public diplomacy that plays a key role in binding two sovereign nations. It gives peoples of the two different nations a sense of unity and strong attachment.

Promoting multicultural events and creating art exhibitions have significant roles in this regard. They have key roles in exchanging ideas, information and art and other aspects of culture.

In this respect, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism together with other stakeholders is duty-bound in pursuing public diplomacy. What is more, those diplomatic communities living in Addis are also encouraged to create such opportunity and share their experience with Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

The Ethiopian Herald

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