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  • Libya: Battle for Tarhouna in the Horizon May 29, 2020
    [Cameroon Tribune] This follows the expiration of an ultimatum issued by forces loyal to UN backed Fayez el-Sarrej.
  • Africa: Security Vs Efficiency - Smart Ports in a Post-COVID-19 Era May 28, 2020
    [ISS] Around 90% of Africa's trade is seaborne. The World Trade Organization has predicted a decline in consumer spending due to COVID-19 that will decrease international trade by up to 30%. This will have far-reaching effects on export-dependent African economies. However in the wake of COVID-19, ports will become the core of Africa's economic recovery […]
  • North Africa: Italy's Coronavirus Amnesty - Migrant Rights or Economic Self-Interest? May 28, 2020
    [The New Humanitarian] Syracuse, Italy -The Italian government passed a law on 13 May paving the way for around 200,000 undocumented workers to apply for six-month legal residency permits. But just a few weeks later, the initial atmosphere of hope has quickly faded to a lukewarm welcome.
  • Libya: Few Champions for Peace in Libya's War May 28, 2020
    [The Conversation Africa] The year-long battle for Tripoli has been heating up in recent weeks despite widespread calls for a ceasefire during Ramadan and the coronavirus pandemic. As the violence escalates and the number of foreigners involved in the fighting multipies, the United Nations Security Council has proven largely inconsequential. The reasons for this are […]
  • Africa: Massive New Cable Around Continent to Connect 16 African Nations May 28, 2020
    [Balancing Act] London -In July last year Google initiated the Equiano cable. The announcement of the 2Africa cable which involves Facebook completes the second generation cable build announcements. Russell Southwood talked to Ibrahima Ba, Network Investments Lead at Facebook about how it might work.

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