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  • 'A Bridge for My Sweetheart' June 5, 2020
    [GroundUp] The footbridge Amos Khumalo built, unpaid and on his own initiative, after his wife injured herself crossing this stream. Photo: Mosa Damane
  • COVID-19 - Mother Fears for Disabled Daughter's Life June 5, 2020
    [GroundUp] Woman with debilitating co-morbidities lives with five people in a shack that has no toilet
  • Homeless Sleep Outside 'Incomplete' City Shelter June 5, 2020
    [GroundUp] A group of about 30 homelss people are sleeping next to the incomplete City of Cape Town Culemborg shelter site in the hope that they will be first in line when it opens. It is not clear when the site will be completed. Photo: James Stent
  • Updated - Holomisa Objects to Irene Charnley Being On the PIC Board June 5, 2020
    [Daily Maverick] In a letter to Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, United Democratic Movement leader, Bantu Holomisa, raises questions around the appointment of former trade unionist and businesswoman Irene Charnley to the interim board of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). Holomisa said Charnley is a former beneficiary of the PIC's funding initiatives, making her ineligible to […]
  • Illicit Trade in Cigarettes and Alcohol Has Thrived During Lockdown June 5, 2020
    [Daily Maverick] Government has under-estimated how much the banning of alcohol and cigarettes boosted illicit trade. With alcohol now back on sale, it would be good for the country if the ban on tobacco products was lifted as soon as possible.

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