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  • Gambia: Kiang Electrification Brings Light, Smiles to Faces of People December 1, 2020
    [The Point] His Excellency, G.V. Srinivas, ambassador of India to Senegal and High Commissioner Designate to The Gambia has said that the electrification project inaugurated in Kiang over the weekend "brings light and smiles to the faces" of thousands of beneficiaries.
  • Gambia: Over 1000 Health Centres, Schools to Get Renewable Energy - Barrow December 1, 2020
    [The Point] President Adama Barrow has stated that in the interest of all citizens, ample resources have been mobilised for the energy sector to light health facilities and schools.
  • Gambia: On Rural Electrification Project! December 1, 2020
    [The Point] It was an all smiles affair for the people Kiang when the president of Republic visited the area on Saturday to officially inaugurate the area electricity supply, ending more than five decade's long quest for efficient and affordable electricity.
  • Gambia: Tourism - No Compromise On Below Standard Facilities December 1, 2020
    [The Point] Tourism and Culture Minister Hamat N.K. Bah has made it clear that his Ministry will not tolerate or compromise with below standard facilities wherever it might be located in the country.
  • Gambia: IEC Urged to Set Up a Legal Team December 1, 2020
    [The Point] Sixteen Gambia political parties at the Inter-Party Convergence held recently unanimously suggested that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) should stop going to the Attorney General's Office for advice by creating their own legal office at the IEC.

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  • Defence Forces Capture, Control Meqelle December 1, 2020
    [Addis Fortune] In a dramatic turn of events on Saturday, units of the Federal Armed Forces entered and captured the city of Meqelle, over three weeks after a military confrontation in Tigray Regional State began. Late evening the same day, senior officials of the federal government, from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to Deputy Prime […]
  • HIV/ Aids in Alarming Rate in Addis Ababa - Office December 1, 2020
    [Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa City Administration HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control Office said that the prevalence of HIV/Aids in Addis Ababa is at alarming rate that needs due attention from all actors from the sector.
  • How Digital Ethiopia 2025 National Strategy Reinforces Economic Growth December 1, 2020
    [Ethiopian Herald] Digital Ethiopia 2025 national strategy set to transform the country's national economy through four major pathway sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, IT-enabled services and the tourism.
  • CAF/Uefa Assist League Development Programme Kicks Off in Ethiopia December 1, 2020
    [CAF] The CAF/UEFA Assist League Development Programme held on Monday (30 November 2020) an online meeting with Ethiopian Football Federation project team to introduce the project set to kick off at the eastern African country.
  • For Grave Rights Concerns, Truth Should Not Be Casualty of Conflict December 1, 2020
    [Addis Fortune] For Grave Rights Concerns, Truth Should not be Casualty of Conflict