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    Yemreḥanna Krestos; The priest-king

    The Servived Christian Kingdom Tatnāwedem reigned in the region of Begwenā and had two sons, the oldest being Jan Seiyoum (ruled 972 -1012 A.D.); and a nephew named  Germa Sieyoum ruled (1012 -1052) A D. It was during the reign of these three kings the Egyptian Caliphets start oppressing, harassing and imprisoning the Archbishops and […]

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    Facebook to fights fake news using more African languages

    CNN, — By Aisha Salaudeen Facebook has announced more African languages will be covered in its effort to curb fake news.The social media giant said the new language support is part of its third-party fact-checking program in partnership with Africa Check, an independent fact-checking organization.According to a joint statement released by Africa Check and Facebook on Wednesday, the number of […]

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    Ethiopia’s long, Hard Road

    Milken Institute Review, by robert looney For decades, the economies of sub-Saharan Africa were, to put it euphemistically, laggards. With rampant corruption, ethnic strife and miserable governance the rule rather than the exception, Africa’s prospects were routinely written off as hopeless well into the 1990s. But the continent has since surprised just about everybody. Six […]

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    Celebrating Ethiopian author Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin with 5 of his greatest quotes

    Face 2 Face Africa, by MILDRED EUROPA TAYLOR Born on the small mountain town of Boda, Ethiopia on this day in 1936, Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin was one of his country’s most important literary figures and the best known. Considered by many to be Ethiopia’s greatest playwright, Tsegaye had earned a degree in 1959 from the Blackstone […]

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    Modern War institute at West Point By Cameron Evers In June, an attempted coup in Ethiopia centered principally in the northern region of Amhara temporarily threw the country into turmoil—and left the army’s chief of staff dead. Against that backdrop, there is credible concern about the risk of further instability surrounding the upcoming 2020 general elections. Ethiopia’s reformist prime […]

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    The Zāgwē Dynasty

    Ethiopian historical sources, most of which were compiled from the late fifteenth century onwards, states the Zāgwē Dynasty began ruling Ethiopia in the first half of the tenth century, i.e. 929 AD. The Zāgwē are therefore supposed to have ruled the country for a period of three and a half centuries. There is no certainty […]

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    A large number of Young African are scheduled to participate a two day conference in Addis Ababa

    The Nation Young people from Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and other countries across Africa are scheduled to participate in a conference holding August 16 and 17 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The conference with theme: “Back to the Future- Young People Reimagining today’s Politics”, is being organised by the Baywood Foundation to enlighten African youths about […]

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    Ethiopia could satisfy it’s energy demand, with 100% renewable when GERD completed.

    SPIEGEL Online Africa’s largest hydroelectric power station is slated to go online next year in Ethiopia. But the project along the Blue Nile River is also the source of conflict: Neighboring Egyptians fear it will affect their access to water and local residents don’t want to relocate. Millions of tons of cement rest beneath Anteneh […]

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