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  • Cogent, the Largest Supplier of Internet Transit to Africa, Seeks to Expand Its Presence in Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria June 13, 2021
    [Balancing Act] London -- Sub-Saharan Africa is no longer the poor Cinderella of international internet markers. Growth in both supply and demand and a growing data centre ecosystem mean that international companies providing low cost, high speed internet access and private networks are increasingly having a local presence. Russell Southwood spoke to Dave Schaeffer, CEO, […]
  • Why South Africa Isn't Changing Fast Enough June 13, 2021
    [The Conversation Africa] Claims of racial bias against black pupils at affluent private schools are becoming a routine South African event. They are also a symbol of the country's reality.
  • Wheelchair Basketball Thrives Amid Lack of Funds June 13, 2021
    [New Frame] Despite the pandemic and limited funds, Wheelchair Basketball South Africa successfully staged a women's wheelchair basketball tournament. With stable sponsorship deals, the sport will strive.
  • Johannesburg Is in Decay June 12, 2021
    [New Frame] South Africa's largest city is a world city, the home of jazz, art, politics and insurgent popular aspirations. But it is in precipitous decline, making now the time to act.
  • HIV lessons for Covid-19 June 12, 2021
    [New Frame] South Africa's third Covid-19 wave arrived in sync with winter. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced at the end of autumn that the country would be moving up to an adjusted level two of lockdown. He urged all South Africans to take responsibility for delaying the peak of the coming wave.

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  • Why Is It So Expensive to Fly in Africa? June 12, 2021
    [Africa Renewal] Frequent air travelers within Africa agree that the cost of air tickets is too high. So serious is this issue that top African aviation stakeholders met virtually early this year to discuss factors responsible for the high cost of airfares and to come up with suggestions on how to address such factors.
  • Limited Supplies Slow Covid-19 Vaccination in Africa June 12, 2021
    [Africa Renewal] Only 38 million vaccines have been received on the continent of about 1.2 billion people.
  • Global Leaders to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed - Stop the Atrocities in Tigray June 12, 2021
    [IPS] Dili -- Seven highly respected leaders in conflict resolution have issued a call for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to take immediate action to bring a halt to the atrocities being committed in the Tigray region of his nation. The letter urges the Prime Minister to implement seven steps to resolve the crisis.
  • Somalia Denies Reports Its Troops Fought in Tigray June 11, 2021
    [VOA] Mogadishu -- Somalia's Ministry of Information has denied reports that Somali troops were trained in Eritrea and fought in Ethiopia's war in Tigray. The rejection came as parents of allegedly missing troops held another protest demanding to know their whereabouts.
  • Do African Lives Not Matter? - U.S Ambassador on UN Security Council Inaction on Tigray June 11, 2021
    [United States Mission to the United Nations] (AS DELIVERED) I guess that's where we'll start now is just by saying I feel like we've been muted for the past seven months on Tigray. But, again, where I started is to thank you, Nima, and to welcome everyone to the U.S.-EU High-Level Roundtable on the Humanitarian […]