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  • Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray - Human Rights Watch September 16, 2021
    [HRW] Nairobi -- Need for Urgent Protection, Assistance; Thousands Still Missing
  • AMECEA Delegation Visits Ethiopian Bishops' Conference September 15, 2021
    [Agenzia Fides] Addis Ababa -- A sign of solidarity is an opportunity to seek the best possible ways to restore peace in the Country.
  • Govt to Take Punitive Measures Against Organisations Which 'Threaten Sovereignty' September 15, 2021
    [Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -- Yesterday, Agency for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO) said it will take punitive measures against aid agencies suspected of working on issues outside of the purpose for which they were established that threaten Ethiopia's sovereignty, unity and security.
  • The Best and Worst of Ethiopians Food Cultures On Holidays September 14, 2021
    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopians are not only spiritually motivated and God fearing people. They are also resilient, hopeful having great survival instincts that no hardships can break. Life might sometimes be as hard as possible but Ethiopians have a way of making it fun despite the sharp rise in the costs of living these days. By […]
  • British Council Climate Connection Challenges Ahead of Cop26 in Ethiopia September 14, 2021
    [Ethiopian Herald] The 26th session on climate change, the Conference of Parties (COP) session, the supreme decision-making body on climate change, is scheduled to be held from 01 November up to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. The COP26 session, which will be gathered by over 200 members of the United Nations Framework Convention […]