• Rice-fields-in-Kisoro-District-Uganda

    GreenPath taps into Ethiopia’s burgeoning organic popfarming market

    By Tom Gardner, The Africa Report A small start-up has developed a niche in providing organic produce grown by smallholders to markets in places like London and Dubai. The label ‘Grown in Ethiopia’ is not yet common on supermarket shelves across the world, but one day it may be. That, at least, is the goal of GreenPath […]

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    What’s driving Russia’s interest in Africa?

    Aljazeera We look at rising Russia-Africa trade, the economics behind the S-400 deal, and new players in the gaming industry. As the Soviet Union imploded, it turned its back on the African continent in the 1990s. But now, under President Vladimir Putin, Russia is once again making a push to engage. Some of the reasons: Western sanctions […]

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    Ethiopian is in talk with government and private sectors Plans to Establish Domestic Carrier in Nigeria

    This Day Chineduu Eze andKasim Sumaina Ethiopia Airlines has indicated that it plans to establish a domestic carrier in Nigeria as part of its strategies to spread its tentacles in Africa. This was disclosed by the Group Chief Executive Officer, Tewolde Gebremariam, in an interview in Abuja yesteray. Gebremariam said the airline was in talks […]

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    ‘Africa has been struggling to follow the West, and now that system is crumbling’, President Paul Kagame

    The African Report Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame granted The Africa Report a long interview following the Africa CEO Forum, in late March. In part one, he gives his views on industrial policy, regional integration and the failure of the Western model of the past two decades. Presented here is a transcript, with light editing for […]

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    Uganda is set to ratify the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA)

    BY NOBERT ATUKUNDA, Daily Monitor State minister for Environment, Dr Goretti Kitutu said that the ratification is aimed at ensuring that upstream countries, including Uganda, also benefit from the Nile. The deputy head of the media center, Col Shaban Bantariza added that the ratification of the Nile will provide legal basis for the use, development, […]

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    Ethiopian Prime minister has scheduled a meeting between President Kenyatta and President Farmajo.

    By AGGREY MUTAMBO, Daily Nation IN SUMMARY Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has scheduled a meeting for July 13 between Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Mohammed Farmajo in Addis Ababa. Case is set to be heard at the ICJ from September 9 but countries can seek postponement to allow for alternative resolution. Kenya and Somalia are engaged […]

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    Britain Is Hoarding a Treasure; No One Is Allowed to See

    DANIEL TRILLING, The Atlantic LONDON—In a storeroom of the British Museum here sits a collection of 11 wood and stone tablets that nobody is allowed to see. They are Christian plaques, or tabots, that represent the Ark of the Covenant, and they belong—though belong in this case is a contested term—to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which believes only […]

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    African leaders set to sign the landmark trade deal at AU Summit

    Standard Media African leaders will meet Sunday in Niger for the African Union (AU summit, to sign a landmark free trade agreement, and to discuss looming security and migration crises on the continent. In a “historic” moment for the 55-member bloc, according to its chairman Moussa Faki, heads of state will officially launch the African Continental […]

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  • Mauritius: Mauritius Needs Stewardship, Not Leadership, to Keep Global Respect July 15, 2019
    [The Conversation Africa] By hosting the Indian Ocean Island Games this week, Mauritius has an opportunity to showcase its colours to the region, and to some extent, to the global community.
  • Guinea Bissau: Rivalries Ahead of Election Raise Questions About Stability July 15, 2019
    [The Conversation Africa] In recent times, Guinea-Bissau has made promising political gains despite a long history of coups. This was reflected most clearly when the country held peaceful and successful legislative elections in March.
  • Kenya: Kenya Faces Devastating Prosopis Invasion - What Can Be Done July 15, 2019
    [The Conversation Africa] Woody plant species have been deliberately introduced into many arid and semi-arid regions across the world as they can help combat desertification and provide resources - like fuelwood - to the rural poor. But some of these alien trees and shrubs have become invasive, having devastating effects on other species as well […]
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia's Power, Security and Democracy Dilemma July 15, 2019
    [ISS] Addis Ababa -Recent assassinations of senior political and military leaders in Ethiopia sent shock waves across the country, casting another shadow over the transition process. These incidents are just one reflection of the deep problems facing the country, despite political reforms.
  • Congo-Kinshasa: Two Ebola Health Workers Killed July 15, 2019
    [VOA] The health ministry of Democratic Republic of Congo said Monday two community health workers engaged in Ebola prevention have been killed in the eastern North Kivu province. The ministry said the workers had been receiving death threats for months.


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