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  • Govt Points Finger at Opposition, 'External Forces' Amid Unrest July 3, 2020
    [Nation] The Ethiopian government has pointed the finger at unnamed external forces and local opposition figures as it seeks to resume normalcy following protests that paralysed transport and led to closure of businesses across the country.
  • Tension Marks Funeral of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa July 3, 2020
    [VOA] Security was tight across Ethiopia on Thursday for the funeral of revered singer and musician Hachalu Hundessa, whose killing this week sparked riots in and around Addis Ababa, killing at least 80.
  • The Killing of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa Cuts Deep July 3, 2020
    [DW] The unsolved fatal shooting of the celebrated Oromo resistance singer has ruptured Ethiopia's brittle political system. Can talks on a national scale avert a bad-to-worse outcome for the multiethnic nation?
  • Tears as Oromo Protest Singer is Buried July 3, 2020
    [RFI] Hundreds of mourners have flocked to Ethiopia's Ambo town for the funeral of the Oromo protest singer Hachalu Hundessa. His killing this week sparked deadly protests and has reignited ethnic and religious tensions that risk threatening the democratic transition of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
  • More Than 80 Killed in Ethiopia After Singer Shot Dead July 3, 2020
    [RFI] Angry protests in Ethiopia sparked by the killing of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa left more than 80 people dead in a second day of unrest police said Wednesday. Hachalu was known for his protest songs which resonated with the Oromo ethnic group.